If You Dread The Next Google Update, It's Time to Get Back to SEO Basics


The world of technology is constantly changing. Mobile traffic has exploded in the past ten years, from 6% of internet traffic in 2011 to 54% in 2021. Smart Homes are on the rise. And the world of search engine optimization changes at a dizzying rate.

But as much as things continue to change, we know some things to be true. 

Digital technology holds a central place in our lives. Tomorrow, we will have more options, and the world will be more complex. And we know Google will continue to change its search algorithm.  

For some SEO experts, that last fact is exasperating and creates pressure to chase 'the new thing.' But it doesn't have to be that way, and getting back to basics may be the SEO solution you need.

Listen to Google

Google has been singing the same song for a while. "Create a great user experience" has been their guiding principle for SEO professionals for years. 

There is good reason to take them at face value. When the search algorithm consistently returns results that give a person what they want, they are likely to be a repeat customer. Google wants everyone to use their search engine every time. It is a win-win for Google and the user. A company with an overwhelming market share doesn't have good reasons to move away from fostering good user experiences.

So What?

Rarely do I meet an SEO expert who doesn't want the best experience for users. But there is a difference between wanting something and working towards it.  

Think about outdated, dirty SEO practices. Keyword stuffing. Spammy links. Text that is the same color as the background. These tactics were never about the user experience, and they carried with them a mindset that had nothing to do with serving users. Those techniques don't work today (or not for long, anyway), but some of that energy (if you will) is still present. It is a holdover in how we talk about some things. 

Think back to the last time there was an update. How did you react? Were you disappointed because you lost something? Did time spent building something for a computer but not a person become wasted? 

The Value We Create

When we shift our mindset, our practices change, too. Content is easier to generate when we view it through the eyes of our customers. Our approach becomes logical, and Google rewards that clarity.

Recent changes to the way searches prioritize results have included measuring how often people click on a link (and not just where it is on the search results page), how long viewers spend on a site, and higher quality product reviews. If you ask someone who doesn't do this work for a living, these changes make perfect sense. 

Creating a better user experience is future-proofing our work and drives how we provide Charlotte SEO services. The ploy or gimmick of today will disappear in a future update. Creating a page with worth helps everyone.


Google will never 'stop' improving the algorithm because people keep changing. We've become more sophisticated in the questions we ask and how we phrase them. We are using completely different devices now than before. Many things could yet change, and, from our point of view today, it shouldn't matter. 

Our call to action has always been clear. Build web pages that provide the best user experience. Be clear, concise, and create value. Answer all the likely questions that the individual searching for would ask. Remember to consider and match intent. 

In the end, optimization that improves the user experience will stand the test of time.