5 Life Hacks to Remedy a Cracked Smartphone Display

Nowadays, people get so attached to their smartphones. They bring it everywhere and do everything with it from paying bills to shopping and so much more. Gone are the days that the only uses of phones are to send messages and make a call. It is more than a necessity rather than a want. True enough, smartphones make lives better and bring things and services more accessible and within reach. Imagine a day wherein you don’t have to hail a cab anymore? What about when you don’t have to bring cash with you all the time?

Whether we like it or not, people tend to be so dependent on smartphones these days, to the point that netizens would describe not having a phone as feeling naked. And by bringing it everywhere we want to go and regardless of what we’re doing, smartphones are more susceptible to breakage or screen cracking.

Although it is easier to bring your broken phone to Advance Computers Phone Repair shop, below are 5 hacks you might want to consider as a simple remedy to a cracked smartphone display.

Use a Transparent Plastic Bag

Yes, you can avoid the crack from getting worse by wrapping a thin transparent plastic bag around it. It is readily available, cheaper than a screen protector and sometimes free.

Fill the crack with a Toothpaste

Do you have a tiny crack in your phone screen? It might not affect the phone’s activity yet, but surely it can be annoying especially when it cuts your finger often. This is the time that you turn to your house supplies. Get a cotton bud and put a tiny amount of toothpaste on it, then slowly rub it on the crack. Be mindful of the open buttons such as headphone sockets though while you apply it on.

Polish Phone scratches by applying Vegetable Oil

Are you one of the stubborn users who just doesn’t want to purchase any phone protector at all, yet is the same person who carelessly drops the phone all the time? Well then, this hack is for you. You can actually use vegetable oil to polish little scratches on your phone. The only disadvantage of this hack is that obviously, the oil will not stay forever, hence needs to be reapplied.

Remove Unwanted Scuffs Using Sandpaper

Let’s face it, no matter how protective you are with your smartphones there are always stubborn scratches that can get away. And what is the best thing to do with scratches? No, don’t buy a new phone yet. Try using sandpaper first to remove them. Keep in mind that this hack only works with tiny scratches and not the major ones. Also, while you do it, make sure to regularly check your speed and the intensity of your rub as it may lead to major damage if not done properly.

Fix Your Mobile Screens Using Baking Soda

There is some idea going viral nowadays stating that baking soda can remove scratches too. If you’re not ready to take the risk with sandpaper, try doing this instead.

Mix 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of water in a bowl and stir until you’ve reached a thick consistency. Use a clean piece of cloth to rub the mixture on to the phone’s scratches. Then wipe the screen with a slightly damp cloth after to remove the sticky excess. This technique might not do much but will surely provide a first-aid remedy to your scratched display.

Although the remedies listed above are easy, readily available and sometimes doesn’t cost a thing, it is still best to prevent your phone from breaking or getting scratches. You’ve saved so much and worked hard to buy your dream phone and so it is just right to protect it as much as you could. Soon as you purchase one, invest in screen protectors and phone cases straight away. Prevention is better than cure, after all.