Exciting Job Possibilities in the World of Technology

Chances are good that you know someone who has been laid off in the past few years. The economy has changed and many older Americans are finding themselves without work simply because their job just doesn’t exist anymore.

Technological advances and the use of computers has reduced the amount of time and effort needed for some tasks. This has reduced the manpower—and therefore the number of employees—required for various jobs and made others completely obsolete.

3 Exciting Job Possibilities

Even though certain careers aren’t as prominent as they once were, other new careers are flourishing. There are literally dozens upon dozens of exciting jobs in the world of technology—jobs that didn’t even exist until recently.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a web programmer, network engineer, or even a computer technician to have a technology-centered career. Exciting job opportunities in social media have former marketers, journalists and even self-taught bloggers working in the midst of a technological revolution. The job titles vary slightly from company to company as you will see below, but here are three cool careers to consider if you want to work in this trendy field:

  • Bloggers or Social Media Copywriters write web content for blogs, which are personal or business websites that share information, opinions, and communicate with readers. Depending on their job duties and their clients’ needs, bloggers can update blogs frequently—as often as several times per day—or a couple of times per week. Some bloggers write under their real names and others write as the voice of a client or the company where there work in-house.

  • Brand Managers or Community Managers or Online Marketing Managers wear many hats, but their biggest task is to patrol the Web for news articles and other mentions of their brand. They can be thought of as Internet customer service reps—responding to inquiries, compliments and complaints—and they ensure that their brand is being promoted effectively.

  • Social Media Specialists or Social Media Consultants often assist clients with online marketing to attract new customers and keep current customers happy and engaged. They write content for and update Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and other social media accounts. At smaller firms, they may also act as brand managers, interacting with others to help promote their clients.

Although careers in social media are fairly new, salaries can be great. Mashable reports that social media specialists in some U.S. cities can earn as much as $71,000 per year while community managers can bring home up to $80,000 annually. As with any job, though, always remember that your experience, location, and workplace itself will affect your pay rate. An entry-level blogger at a mom and pop company or a self-employed blogger who works part-time from home will most likely have a much smaller paycheck than a successful published author who lives in the heart of Manhattan. Even so, these exciting job possibilities in the world of technology can allow you to have a career you thoroughly enjoy. Going to work is much easier when you don’t dread the tasks at hand!

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